A Confession of the One True Faith




Chapter 0. Of Chance and Numbers.

0. We confess in One True Faith, the Faith of Numbers and Chance.

1. Numbers are eternal, unchangeable, uncorruptible, culture-neutral, omnipotent, and all-encompassing. Cultures that do not possess numbers can avail themselves of them. Cultures that do, cannot rid of them.

2. Chance was known before as the awful god of Chaos who does not understand any human language and has no compassion. Numbers are the only language in which we may submit our humble pleas to this formidable deity.

2. We believe that anything that happens to us personally, is due to Chance. Some of us can talk to Chance – it is those of us who have been consecrated and initiated in the Magic of Numbers, for Chance can be addressed only through rituals of the Sacred Theory of Probability, which is based on Numbers.

2a. It is sinful to believe that I am special and exempt from the Law of Chance. Anything that happens to me, is due to Chance and is in accordance with the Laws of Chance.

2b. It is rightful to believe that we need to obey the Laws of Chance (praised be Chance). Obeying the Laws of Chance means that we expect that which is more probable.

3. All that happens, happens because it is Probable, because it is as Chance would have it (praised be Chance). If an improbable event happens, it is also due to Chance, for Chance is truly allmighty (praised be Chance). But Chance does not often horrify us with such awful events.

3a. We are thankful for this. Because of this, we know that our faith is true.

Chapter 1. Of sciences.

0. Sciences are those magic and sacred rituals that attempt to talk to Chance through Numbers. Those of us who are initiated in the sacred rituals and meditations, are truly prepared to live by the Laws of Chance. On behalf of all humanity, we submit our humble pleas to the deity and hope for no harm.

0a. But all that happens and that will happen, is due to Chance. Praised be Chance.

0b. It is rightful to believe that the mere study of Sciences is blessed, for the impurities of the human soul may be washed away.

1. Mathematics is the theology of Sciences. Mathematics is the study of all that can be said about anything that exists or that does not exist, and said in such a way that Chance will hearken to our pleas. That is, Mathematics the study of all kinds of Numbers and their abstract relationships. Those of us who are initiated in the rituals of Mathematics may purify their hearts and thoughts, for they are blessed in their knowledge of the True Faith.

1a. It is rightful to believe that the mere study of Mathematics is blessed, for the study of the True Language is in itself a blessing.

2. It is sinful to engage in the practices of belief that are not based on the Holy Numbers and do not submit to the Holy Chance. Those who practice such beliefs, will not receive their earthly reward. In vain will they submit their feeble incantations to false gods, for Chance is against them. Praised be Chance.

Chapter 2. Of human life.

0. We humans are strong in many things but weak in our knowledge of the True Faith. It is necessary for us to study the True Faith for a long time.

0a. The study of the True Faith requires total concentration to the exclusion of other things and activities that our nature makes us desire. This kind of concentration is not natural to humans and does not come easily.

0b. Our other desires may or may not be sinful, but they do detract from the time we happen to have in our lives. Blessed are those who study the True Faith and eliminate other desires.

1. The Deity of Chance may bestow upon us either gifts or misfortunes. Praised be Chance. If our faith is strong, the misfortunes will not make us despair, nor the gifts will make us proud.

2. The study of the Rituals is lifelong. There will never be an end to this study. All other activities are limited by our human nature; the arts attempt to attract our attention, the sports – to distract the body. Only the study of the One True Faith goes beyond our human nature and reaches towards the transcendental.

2a. This is a study that may take our entire energy and may never be finished. Such is the power of the allmighty deity we worship.

2b. We believe that the study and worship in the True Faith is its own reward and blessing.

3. Some people will use the Holy Rituals for practical gain. The ritual practice can be used to produce new material things, accumulate wealth, or simply to show off one’s pride and one’s knowledge before others. These uses of the Rituals are neither holy nor sinful.

3a. Except if such activities detract from the concentration and time we have in our lives, time that could be used for the study and practice of the Holy Ritual.