Demons are real. They can shape-shift and some live in the ones you know, you love, you get across them while you are walking in the street… When you are not awake you are just another potential pray, when you are awake you are the enemy to tear down. They have many tricks and are faster and smarter than you are. Fiction narrative about demons have only one purpose : to lure you into believing that they are not real. The best place to hide something is to put it in plain sight. Lynch is telling everyone what he deals with, so that when you will be asked, you will not be able to say ” I did not know” .. Never ever identify, not even by play, to any of the wicked characters of this or other information carriers (movies, tv series, literature ), do not gimmick them, do not take their lines. This is not a game. Demons are masters of manipulation. Manipulation is witchcraft, therefore any form of manipulation is witchcraft. God does not hate you, but he hates what you do. God hates witchcraft. So that you know and never approach any of this with open arms, but rather high up your guard. Without Jesus the Lamb of God you can not defeat any of them. Any victory against any dark force is Jesus hand and reign. Even when you do not believe, He is the one that saves, by pure grace and mercy. If you believe in love, keep with it and grow with it and in it, no matter what.

I wouldn’t be sure about calling it human nature. If for you human nature means fallen human nature then we may be a little closer to an agreement. Still we have to give an answer to some questions, like for exemple, if we asume actual human nature is fallen human nature, then what are fallen angels ? Maybe for you demons are mental structures and mental schemes, from my experience, demons have a direct link to schemes and mental structures, but are not it. Sometimes high powers are not waiting for you to look after them. From my experience, you can not deliver yourself, you always need help. Certainly, you play a very important part in becoming free, that is for sure : you have to be willing to be free, you have to be willing to use some help. In some cases possessed people are almost completely gone, not being able to exercise any free will, or very very little. In that case is the will of someone’s else, someone with strong agape LOVE for the others or for the person that takes palace instead.